ZTE took the second place in the ranking of the largest suppliers of smartphones in Russia

ZTE has reported the results of its activities in the first half of the current calendar year, reporting that revenue rose by 4.05% 7.17 billion.

4,17 billion, or 58% of total revenue the company received from the sale of your products and services in China, 42% was generated from international business. The profit of the company amounted to approximately $ 270 million. More than a billion dollars ZTE has invested in the direction of research and development — this is a record investment in the history of the company.

Speaking about the smartphone market, ZTE noted the high demand for premium models of Axon and Blade. According to ZTE’s own statistics, the company ranked sixth in the global ranking of the most successful suppliers of smartphones in the world.

In addition, the company claims that in Russia she ranked second in a similar list in North America, Sweden, Spain and South Africa, in Mexico and Australia fifth.



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