ZTE intends to bring to the MWC 2017 smartphone with support for LTE Gigabit Class

As is known, the specification of 5G have not yet been approved. The 3GPP consortium (3rd Generation Partnership Project) is planning to do it next year, and a large-scale launch of such networks can be expected approximately in 2020.

In the meantime, the company ZTE is going to bring to MWC 2017 one of the world’s first smartphone with support for LTE Gigabit Class. Until about the device really unknown, but the manufacturer promises the ability to shoot 360-degree VR video, 4K video and «instant» downloading to the cloud storage.

Recall X16 LTE modem, Snapdragon just supports data transfer rate at 1 GB/s. the modem is part of the Snapdragon SoC 835, so it is logical to expect that the ZTE smartphone will be based on this single chip system. However, given the scarcity of these SoC, the appearance in the sale of this smartphone can be expected only after several months after the announcement.



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