Zhong Yi Optics plans to release two high-aperture lenses for cameras Fujifilm medium format system GFX

According to the source, the company Zhong Yi Optics is preparing to release two models of lenses for cameras medium format mirrorless system, the Fujifilm GFX. The Chinese manufacturer has already demonstrated the prototypes Speedmaster 65mm F1.Speedmaster 4 and 85mm F1.2.

At the moment it is the most high-aperture lens system Fujifilm GFX.

The Speedmaster 65mm F1.4 designed specifically for the Fujifilm GFX. Details about the new product are not yet available. It is known that the lens focuses manually. Manually selects the aperture value. Installation of filter diameter — 77 mm. Being mounted on a camera Fujifilm GFX 50S, the lens is characterized by EGF of 51 mm, and grip it is equivalent to a lens aperture of F/1,1 on a full frame camera.

Lens case and a 85mm F1.2 is already available with other fixtures. Being set on the Fujifilm camera GFX 50S, it is characterized by EGF 67 mm, and the DOF is equivalent to the lens aperture of F/0,95 b mounted on a full frame camera. This lens also supports filters with a diameter of 77 and focuses manually.

Sales of new lenses should begin this year. Prices will be available closer to start of sales.

Source: sun Watch



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