Zeiss and ASML «strengthen cooperation»: ASML buys 1 billion euros 24.9% of the company Carl Zeiss SMT

Dutch company ASML Holding NV, one of the world’s leading suppliers of equipment for the semiconductor industry, and the German company Carl Zeiss SMT, a member of Carl Zeiss AG, announced the «strengthening long-term cooperation» in the production of lithography equipment. The main purpose of the agreement is to facilitate the development of next-generation systems for lithography in the hard ultraviolet range (EUV). These systems must appear in the beginning of the next decade. It is believed that the introduction of EUV will allow semiconductor industry to produce more efficient chips at a lower cost.

Practical content of the agreement is: 1 billion euros, ASML will acquire 24.9% of the company Carl Zeiss SMT. The parties emphasize that any exchange of shares in the future is not planned.

In addition, the partners agreed that ASML will support research by Carl Zeiss SMT, allocating € 220 million; and allocate over the next six years of 540 million euros on capital investments and other articles. Mainly, the funds will receive head office of Carl Zeiss SMT in Oberkochen. They will be spent on the expansion of the company. At the same time remain full integration of Carl Zeiss SMT in the group of Carl Zeiss AG.

To Finance the deal in ASML expect from its own funds, perhaps supplementing them with a new loan. The transaction is subject to receipt of regulatory approval expected in the second quarter of 2017.

Source: ASML



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