Zeidman Technologies releases a free version of the operating system SynthOS designed for IOT devices

The company Zeidman Technologies that develops hardware and software tools for developers of IOT devices, announced the release of a free version of its operating system SynthOS.

Allegedly, SynthOS simplifies the development of optimized application software for your IOT devices and other embedded systems. Requiring developers only minimal knowledge of the real-time systems, SynthOS allows you to focus on the implementation of algorithms, drivers and daemons. Synchronization of individual components provided by SynthOS, due to which eliminated the risks of locks and races. In addition, SynthOS во0действия protecting the code from malicious programs. Free version, called SynthOS-LT is a fully featured but has a limit on the number of simultaneously running tasks. In addition, it can be used only for non-commercial purposes. The OS is available for download on the website of the company.

Source: Zeidman Technologies


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