ZapGo will present at CES 2017 alternative to lithium-ion batteries

As you know, in early January in Las Vegas will be held consumer electronics show CES 2017. Some manufacturers have already begun to share what they will bring to the event. The company Zap&Go, for example, intends to present at CES 2017 alternative to lithium-ion batteries.

Created in Zap&Go items to secondary supply Carbon-Ion have a very high charging rate, the charging time is only a few minutes. In addition, they do not ignite. According to their creators, the elements of Carbon-Ion combine the advantages of supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries. The emergence of new sources of supply in the serial products of consumer electronics products, including power tools and household appliances, as well as in bicycles with electric motors is expected at the end of 29017.

The first examples of the use of elements of Carbon-Ion will be included in the exposure ZapGo at CES 2017. It’s scooter, kit for electric bike, portable sound system with Bluetooth interface, a drill and a vacuum cleaner.

Source: ZapGo


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