YouTube Go is a special version of the service for the India market that allows you to view videos offline

Google yesterday introduced a brand new app called YouTube Go. The developers emphasize that YouTube Go was created from scratch.

And it was created supposedly during trips to India. The press release says that the developers have visited 15 cities of the country and appreciated the level of people’s access to the Internet. It is in India YouTube Go and will be launched initially, but then obviously will appear in other countries with poor development of the Network.

The main feature of YouTube Go — the ability to work offline. Any video that will be available in the service, can be downloaded to your mobile device to view anytime or even share with a friend.

When selecting the first video window opens with a preview and a choice of quality in which the video will be saved. This will allow, first, to see the video before it is downloaded, and secondly, if you need to conserve as available in device and mobile traffic.

The exact launch date of YouTube Go is not yet known.



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