Your spinx robot created to clean the toilet

Perhaps in the foreseeable future, such robots will become as common as washing machine and dishwasher. But for now we can only watch as the robot your spinx, which is cleaning the toilet, collects funds for the production through Kickstarter.

More than half of the required amount of 50 thousand dollars your spinx already collected, the campaign will continue for another 44 days, so most likely developers will be able to launch a batch of devices.

Robot your spinx is integrated into the lid of the toilet, he starts his work by pressing the button when the cover is down. Cover with water sprays, which help to cope with the pollution, and system of supplying compressed air to dry the toilet.

Cover your spinx is designed for a person weighing up to 150 lbs. To work effectively, users must put the detergent in the special atset your spinx.

The first customers will receive your spinx in July next year at a price of 199 dollars.


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