Yongnuo YN686EX-RT for Canon cameras powered by Li-ion battery and costs $150

The range of Yongnuo company, specializing in the production of flares, had recently supplemented the first model, power supply which is rechargeable Li-ion battery. Novelty called YN686EX-RT supports TTL and is designed for use with Canon cameras. Flash head summerhits providing forming of beam corresponding to the field angle of the lens with a focal length of 20-200 mm.

The flash’s guide number is 60 (at ISO 100 and the head position corresponding to the focal length of 200 mm). A single charge of the battery capacity of 2000 mA * h is enough for 600 pulses full power. Recharge for the new operation takes 1.5 s. Flash can be used as a master unit or a slave. It can be controlled by optical or radio frequency channel.

Flash supports HSS. Minimum sync speed is 1/8000 s. In equipping YN686EX-RT can distinguish liquid crystal display and a USB port for firmware updates.

Price of Yongnuo flash YN686EX-RT is $150.



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