YI Technology will show at CES 2017 action camera YI 4K+ with support for 4K/60p and drone YI Erida, speeds up to 120 km/h

At CES 2017 in early January, the company intends YI Technology show their latest developments. This includes camera YI 4K+ and unmanned aerial vehicle YI Erida.

Camera YI 4K+, is the development of the model YI 4K, has the ability to shoot 4K video with a frame rate of 60 fps, twice as many as its predecessor and the majority of competing models.

As for the drone Yi Erida, created in conjunction with Atlas Dynamics, it is trehlistna scheme. The Cabinet is made from carbon. According to YI, the drone is capable of speeds up to 120 km/h making it the fastest in its category. Without recharging Yi Erida can stay aloft for up to 40 minutes. The device is equipped with a camera on the stable suspension, sensors, radar and laser scanner. To control using the mobile app, eliminating the need for a special remote. Foldable design allows to reduce the dimensions of Yi Erida during transportation and storage.

Source: YI Technology

YI Technology


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