Yeston equips 3D-card Radeon RX 580 GameAce cooler with three fans

Chinese company Yeston has released the 3D-card Radeon RX 580 GameAce. Its basis is the reference PCB and cooling system is interesting in that its design includes three fans.

The diameter of an average fan — 10 cm and two 9 cm Fans blow the radiator outside the circuit Board. Heat is supplied to the radiator by four heat pipes.

The fans are operated only when required so that under a small load map works silently.

Casing cooler decorated with the logo of RX 580 red led.

On the back side of the Board metal plate with the logo of Radeon RX.

Graphics processor RX 580 GameAce runs on a base frequency of 1256 MHz. Increased frequency of 1340 MHz, the effective memory frequency is 8 GHz. The card features 8GB of GDDR5 memory.

Source: Videocardz


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