Yeolight will produce a table lamp using OLED panels manufactured by LG Display

The Chinese company Yeolight Technology, was spun off last year from the company Visionox, specializing in the AMOLED panels, announced the release of table lamps OLED Organic Lamp.

Lighting fixture created by designer from Tsinghua University, one of the leading universities in China. Allegedly, a source of inspiration when defining the appearance of the lamp served as Swan feathers.

The manufacturer plans to produce only 500 units of OLED Organic Lamp that is already available for order, and not only Chinese but also foreign customers. The product price is approximately $325.

Yeolight have there own production of 2,5 G designed for the production of OLED lighting panels. However, so far only mastered the technology. Table lamps OLED Organic Lamp will use panels manufactured by LG Display. Panel size 200 x 50 x 0,88 mm are characterized by a brightness of 75 lumens, color temperature of 4000K and a color rendering index of not lower than 87. Their luminous efficacy is 55 LM/W, lifespan is 30,000 h.

Sources: OLED-Info, Yeolight



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