Yellow nail Polish: fashion experiments 2018

Many ladies are afraid to experiment with yellow, believing that this manicure would look too provocative and catchy. Do not be limited to only the bright and flashy color, yellow, many shades which will easily fit into any look and style.

For a party or summer excursions juicy lemon color. To emphasize the strict image of a business lady is capable of shortbread and vanilla.

Plain manicure with shades of yellow also looks attractive. The color is so self-sufficient that they can cover all nails and look incredibly stylish.

Yellow combines well with other bright shades:

  • lilac
  • grey
  • green
  • blue

They complement the base color and often used in popular techniques of nail design – French tips, Ombre, moon, etc.

Yellow matte manicure

For several years in nail design was dominated by a bright luster. However, ladies are tired of sparkling surfaces and mirror reflections. The new season will be popular solid matte finish.

Yellow saturated color in matte version looks very restrained and elegant. The use of this shade requires the most perfect form of nails. The plates must be ground, the edge of the nail smooth and well maintained.

Matte yellow manicure is suitable for everyday image, office everyday and festive evening. It is equally stylish looks with an elegant dress «in a floor» and a simple bow with jeans and a t-shirt.

Draw a few nails on hand textured or shiny ornaments, in harmony with the main color. This juicy, deep manicure fascinates and attracts the views of others.

A yellow manicure with powder and kamifurano

Among nail artists, the debate continues as to whether to include in the yellow manicure decoration. The color itself is expressive, therefore, to choose the right addition very difficult.


Small rhinestones and drawings will not interfere in the festive manicure, but do not liberally sprinkle the base tone crystals and confetti across the surface of the nail – it looks vulgar and tasteless.

Perfect yellow manicure making accents on a few nails. The «Central» fingers are decorated with an original ornament or more crystals in the form of droplets. Impressive nail art with rhinestones embellished basal hole.

The combination of yellow color with the acrylic powder looks gorgeous, creating a unique combination of matte coating and bright saturated colors. The effect of dust on the marigolds fits perfectly into options for the club’s bow. Choosing size sequin and saturation you can achieve a design of great beauty .

A yellow manicure with pictures

The designs and patterns on nails does not lose its relevance for several seasons. Every fashionista seek to portray in your manicure favorite flowers, animals, abstract composition, geometric shapes, etc. On a yellow background, they look the most bright and noticeable.

The perfect combination – the yellow base color and dark drawings. It’s a classic nail design that looks appropriate in any way. Such a stylish and glamorous manicure does not require additional embellishments for example rhinestones or balonek.

Yellow manicure essential for summer nail art, so most ladies choose paintings with flowers, butterflies, leaves, animals, fruits, etc.

Yellow-and-black manicure 2018

If a bright «Canary» shades stylish nails for young fashionistas, then for the real lady essential the combination of yellow and black. A contrasting mix allows you to reflect the texture and shades of color to create a unique ensemble.

Audacious and shocking black lacquer is softened when the door to frivolous yellow color, creating a noble manicure, which would be appropriate to look at the fashionable women of all ages. In this case, use as the base black and yellow, complementing each patterns and designs.

Stylish and elegant looks manicure in the technique of Ombre with black and yellow. Moreover, the transition can be performed both horizontally and vertically.

Yellow-blue manicure 2018

Nothing attracts attention like the contrast of colors. If the black color is many girls are treated with caution, all shades of blue safely find their place in the stylish nail art.

Despite the contrast of these shades, they blend easily and create a lot of unique nail art from calm and subdued to daring and challenging.

The color blue as yellow has many shades, so fashionistas have plenty of opportunities to create amazing art for any situation. For a beach holiday and walks with friends, choose sapphire, turquoise, blue shades and combine them with lemon, amber, gold colors.

For a more discreet design will choose the rich blue combined with mustard, gold metallic or linen shade.

Yellow-white manicure

«The very soft» – it can be described as the combination of yellow and white. Smoothly flowing color or on the contrary accentuated the transition looks incredibly stylish and feminine. This combination is suitable for any image. The most daring fashionistas use it even in your wedding manicure.

Summer yellow manicure

Summer time stylish experiments and bright colors when it is permissible to use the bold colors and vivid images.

The yellow color is associated with the sun and the rest, but even if you spend this hot time at work do not deny yourself the stylish manicure, which will fully reflect your mood.

Summer yellow manicure draw drawings of fruits and flowers. This is the most private choice of most fashionistas. However, strict rules regarding what must be shown on the nails does not exist. Every fashionista is entitled to draw on the marigolds that if you like.

Yellow is a universal color that can serve as a base and additional. Even the most dull and darkest hues able to be transformed if they are decorated with yellow patterns. For summer manicure it is indispensable, so do not hesitate to complete his collection of your favorite polishes in this rich and cheerful shade.

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