Yandex.Market changes the principle of operation

According to the publication «Vedomosti», in late September, a popular comparison service characteristics of the goods and their prices, established in 2000, will begin an independent sales electronics, home appliances, children’s goods, pet products and so on.

At the moment Yandex.Market gains 2% for the transition users to the merchant website with the subsequent sale of system (cost per click). The representative of the company said that in the last year and a half «Yandex.The market is testing the system of Market Ordering, in which the purchase is made directly at this site, and the vendor pays for the transaction (сost per action). The Commission, of course, will increase, it will depend on the product category. Popular the Amazon gets 6% of PC sales for many products, the Commission is up to 15%.

About 1.5 million products, which now provide about 50% of user traffic at the end of September transferred to the program «Market Ordering». Until the end of the year, the majority of goods on «Yandex.Market for residents of Moscow will begin using the new system, with the exception of goods that require to change the settings for a specific user, for example, kitchen furniture. Next year the program «Market Ordering» will be implemented in other regions of Russia.

Not all major market players agree to move to a new system, one such company is M. video.


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