Yandex introduces charges for commercial use of their maps and Navigator

This year the company «Yandex» will be everywhere to take money from companies that use the application «Yandex.Maps» and «Yandex.Navigator» for commercial purposes.

We are talking mainly about services courier and taxi. This information was published in the edition «Kommersant» with reference to the representative of the company. In fact the testing of this innovation has already begun, information was confirmed by the owner of one of the services courier:

«The developers have warned if you exceed a certain monthly limit requests from one server the system will start to malfunction. After we left about 1 million requests per month, it just happened. Then we turned to the «Yandex», and we were told that the commercial use costs money. With our volume of requests we would have to pay about 50 thousand rubles. per month for the use of «Navigator», another 120 thousand. would need to pay for the license itself. Then we bought the license of another similar service: it cost us 15 thousand rubles, and monthly usage — about 7 thousand rubles.».

Experts believe that «Yandex» risks losing a large part of customers who will begin to use a more affordable or free alternatives.


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