«Yandex» has shown its self-driving car

The company «Yandex» has revealed its first Autonomous car. More specifically, the self-driving car project introduced the service «Yandex.Taxi».

The machine is designed based on Toyota Prius V and at the moment are quite capable to move independently. Of course, until cooked so far away. This, for example, is clearly seen in the video, when driving in a straight line the car is constantly taxis, although there are no obstacles in his way.

Anyway, this is the first demonstration of a working self-driving car «Yandex». The company claims that the car uses its own technology, including mapping, navigation, real-time computer vision and object recognition.

In the video you can see that the car uses the graphics card (or more) GeForce GTX and system Velodyne LIDAR company. The company intends to begin testing on public roads next year.



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