«Yandex.Auto» is a Russian competitor to the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Not every country has his own company and services, which are popular products of international giants. In Russia there is Yandex. Search engine this company, like several other of her products have a very strong position.

And in order not to stand still, «Yandex» has introduced a competitor to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The platform is called «Yandex.Auto». Its main difference from the solutions of Google and Apple in the fact that «Yandex.Auto» is not required smartphone.

In fact, this set of services and programmes, United by one shell. The «Yandex» does not name a new development of the operating system, and declared the possibility of flexible settings «Yandex.Auto» for a particular model of car, including the adaptation to brand the interface on a specific automaker, indicates that before us is a set of applications and services. As in the case of Android Auto and CarPlay, to install «Yandex.Car» on your car will not work. The system is factory-installed at the factory.

The first cars with «Yandex.Auto» will appear later this year. It will be the Exclusive Toyota Camry, Toyota Rav4 and some models of Jaguar and Land Rover. But cooperation agreements already signed with AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, Ford, Honda, Renault, Nissan, KIA and Hyundai. In addition, the list includes Bosch, Harman, Caska.

With regard to the possibility «Yandex.Auto», they include navigation, weather, music player, voice assistant, as well as control the system via voice commands. To command, to utter the phrase «Hey, Yandex,» which sounds a bit unusual.

It is worth noting that in some cars part of the service «Yandex.Auto» will only be available through the smartphone, as implemented in the case of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.


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