Yahoo confirmed the hacking of more than one billion accounts

In September of this year, Yahoo has confirmed the hack of its user base accounts, which occurred at the end of 2014. Then the attackers gained access to 500 million accounts.

This week the head of the security Department of Yahoo Bob Lord (Bob Lord) reported that in August 2013 there was another break-in that they had not spread. More than three years ago, hackers stole data about a billion users. We are talking about names, email addresses, dates of birth, and the questions asked by the security system, and the answers to them.

Bob Lord stated that in this case, a connection was made with the same hackers supported by government agencies, which Yahoo said in September 2016.

Yahoo alerted users, advising them to immediately change their passwords and security questions, and not just in your Yahoo account, but other services that use the same answers.



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