Xiaomi tried to buy the silence of a user whose smartphone caught fire while charging

China has received information that the company Xiaomi has offered the user a burning smartphone monetary compensation in exchange for the signed agreement, one of which was non-disclosure of this history.

The source reports that the smartphone Xiaomi unknown model was purchased on March 1 this year, the mother as a gift to his daughter. December 21, the girl charged your smartphone, paying attention to the fact that it started to heat up. Heating is not stopped even after disconnecting from the charger. The result was a fire.

The user claims that used the original cable and charger. After they went to the service center, Xiaomi company offered them a full refund of the device and about $ 85 on top. The woman offered to sign a paper stating that she should not tell about the incident to the press or social networks.

The woman claims that she had to sign the papers, otherwise she wouldn’t have got the money spent on the burnt smartphone. However, it is not forced her to remain silent. The woman’s lawyer argues that the law is on her side.



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