Xiaomi refused to publish data on sales of smartphones in 2016

Company Xiaomi Technology will not publish data on sales of smartphones in 2016, which was for the Chinese manufacturer year of change, as we have already reported about a week ago.

In 2013, the company shipped 18.7 million smartphones, a year later she was able to raise shipments to 61 million units, while in 2015 it increased to 70 million smartphones. Then Xiaomi ranked second in the list of the most successful Chinese manufacturers of smartphones, just behind Huawei.

Last year sales of Xiaomi smartphones has declined, however, to what level, the company decided not to speak. Executive Director of Xiaomi lei Jun (Lei Jun) said that last year the income from the online services of the company exceeded $ 1 billion, the same amount the company earned in the relatively new market of India.

This year, Xiaomi has set itself the plan of sales on the level of 14.5 billion.



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