Xiaomi Mi6 may be the first waterproof smartphone

In Chinese social network Weibo published a fresh batch of rumors about the smartphone Xiaomi Mi6, to be submitted in April of this year.

This time sources claim that Chinese manufacturer refused to use the 3.5 mm headphone Jack, while supporting the launched last year the initiative.

In particular, the decision was made in order to provide new flagship smartphone protection from dust and moisture. The protection class is not specified, however it is unlikely that the manufacturer uses the lower class IP68, which are characterized by many of today’s flagships.

Last year, the head of Xiaomi explained why they do not make their smartphones waterproof. First, when the phone is in need of renovation with the opening of the casing, its moisture is much worse. And secondly, the water resistance increases the price of the device.

However, if Xiaomi plans to compete with the market leaders, the company simply has no right not to support trends.



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