Xiaomi Mi6 can go before the Samsung Galaxy S8 and become the first smartphone with Snapdragon SoC 835

Previously, various sources claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first smartphone equipped with a single-chip system Snapdragon processor 835, but the Xiaomi Mi6 will get the title of the first smartphone from China with this SoC.

Now the insider under the nickname @Kevin King Diary claims that the previous information may be inaccurate. He also published a banner image, which allegedly shows the date of the press conference devoted to the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi6.

According to this source, Xiaomi will present the Xiaomi Mi6 not 14 February as previously stated, and on 6 Feb.

Rumors about the postponement of the release date of Xiaomi Mi6 for the second quarter was due to the fact that Samsung can not cope with the volumes of supply Snapdragon SoC 835. However, the source also reports that Xiaomi has already started to system on a chip for Xiaomi Mi6. This device is scheduled for March of this year, however, the first time the smartphone will be available in limited quantities.



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