Xiaomi Mi5S and flagship LeEco in September, will compete for the title of «first smartphone with Snapdragon SoC 821 for $300″

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi5S, which should be an improved version of the original model Xiaomi Mi5, which started in March this year, was supposed to represent summer. Now the announcement is expected in September.

Recall that the display size of Xiaomi Mi5S should be increased from 5.15 to 5.5 inches, in addition it needs to be equipped with Force Touch, which allows to identify the effect of depression. Another feature will be the use of a new Snapdragon system on a chip 821. It is expected that at the time of launch Xiaomi Mi5S will be offered for only 300 $ in the basic configuration, as Xiaomi Mi5 at the time.

However, sources added that in September, another company LeEco plans to release the device (perhaps LeEco Le 2s) with the same single-chip system, the same display and 4 GB of RAM. Interestingly, the price of the smartphone should be the same $ 300.

In the beginning of the year LeEco formally introduced the first mobile SoC, the Snapdragon 820, will it have the company to pull the same trick with Snapdragon 821, we find out very soon.

Chinese analyst pan Sutan (Pan Jiutang) believes that LeEco will present its flagship on 6 September, the day before the announcement of the new iPhone.



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