Xiaomi is already working on the smartphone Mi Mix II

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix caused a lot of noise not only at home but also abroad. Thematic resources noted the original design, although for some reason many have forgotten about the devices is the Sharp Aquos Crystal, which in some respects look even more interesting offspring Xiaomi, although it was announced back 2014.

Whatever it was, most agreed on the fact that Mi Mix rather is an experimental smartphone, so how much of it was controversial.

As it became known, the experiment will continue. In the sense that Xiaomi will release a second version of Mi Mix. This was stated by CEO lei Jun (Lei Jun). He said that the company is already working on a successor which will be called Mi Mix II. The new device from Xiaomi will continue to develop the idea of increasing the ratio of screen area to frontal surface area, so that the change of course will not happen. About terms of emergence of the second model is unknown.

By the way, Jun said that Xiaomi is aiming in the future to create a smartphone with a screen which would occupy the entire frontal surface. However, he noted that the prototype iPhone 8, for example, the display occupies most of the front surface. Supposedly the frame top and bottom are only 8 mm, and the usual Home button has been removed. Apparently, the Director of the Chinese giant already seen prototypes supercinski novelties.



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