Xiaomi is again credited with the development of their own SoC for smartphones

Smartphone manufacturers often use in their products single-chip system Qualcomm. Meanwhile, the use of SoC own development has its advantages. According to the source, to begin to enjoy these advantages going the Chinese company Xiaomi, which is credited with the development of SoC for smartphones.

One of the advantages may be the decrease cost smartphone that will give Xiaomi the opportunity to offer more affordable prices to customers. At the same time, designing their own SoC, you can give it features that will allow smartphones on the background of competitors ‘ products.

Of course, success is necessary to own SoC was better than the SoC proposed by a third party. In sovyu turn, this requires experience in the development, which Xiaomi yet, so to predict how successful will the attempt impossible. As examples of companies that successfully release a smartphone SoC of their own design, you can call Huawei and Samsung.

Last year we already wrote about the fact that Xiaomi is developing its own SoC, hoping to reduce dependence on Qualcomm and MediaTek.

Source: WSJ



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