Xiaomi Huayang umbrella Ultra-Light Umbrella, thanks to the use of carbon fiber, weighs just 85g

Xiaomi company has expanded the range of its online store with umbrella. Device Huayang Ultra-Light Umbrella is estimated at only $ 15.

The conventional umbrella cannot be called. No, he is not to smart devices not available in conjunction with a smartphone and shows the number of fallen on him and drops the power of the wind.

Just zones made of carbon fiber, which makes it very durable and lightweight at the same time. Of course, in this case it is about the frame of the umbrella, not of his dome. The latter is made of some material that repels water at the expense of a nanocoating.

In the end, the umbrella weighs only 85 grams! The diameter of the dome is 85 cm and the length in the folded state is equal to 23 see



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