Xiaomi has unveiled smart AC Mi AI Speaker $44

Company Xiaomi announced a smart speaker system Speaker Mi AI, which will be offered at a price of $ 44.

Not top is the led ring, inside of which are the controls column. Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker is designed to interact with all family members. She will greet you in the morning, wish good day, remind you of planned events, made notes, and will tell the weather.

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker allows you to control other devices for the smart home, including kettles, smart sockets, lamps, rice cookers and so on. You can give voice command to the robot cleaner, when you leave the house and activate the security camera.

The column includes an array of six microphones which captures sound within a radius of 16 m, and three speaker. The device is equipped with modules Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect mobile devices.

The column will be available in August of this year.



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