Xiaomi has released a new kettle worth $15

The company Xiaomi has introduced a new product under the brand MIJIA who was an electric kettle. The device has a minimalist design and a price that is about $ 15.

The bulb of the kettle is made of stainless steel and the case is made from high quality matte plastic. The device lacks a Bluetooth module that can be controlled with the help of mobile devices, while it is exactly twice less than Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Kettle.

The kettle shuts off automatically when the water boils, which is a standard function for such products. In addition, it simply will not turn on if there is no water. The power connector is designed to prevent electric shock and leakage.

Cover with a diameter of 130 mm is opened at an angle of 75°, providing easy access inside for cleaning. The kettle has a led indicator.

Between the inner bulb and plastic casing is a layer of air which ensures that the surface of the kettle will not heat above 40 °C, even when the water boils.



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