Xiaomi has introduced a new mattress 8H Latex Spring Mattress M3

Xiaomi company has updated its line mattresses model 8H Latex Spring Mattress M3, which is made from environmentally friendly materials.

As the main material is natural latex from Thailand, the mattress does not accumulate dirt and also prevents the growth of mites and various bacteria on its surface. The surface is covered with thousands of tiny holes that dissipate heat from the body and provide natural ventilation. Washable mattress cover equipped with a zipper eminent manufacturer YKK.

The mattress consists of 696 independent springs that form the support system. This system allows you to get out of bed, making it so that your second half on the part of the mattress will not feel that (this feature will appeal to those who later returns home).

Thickness of 20 cm and length 200 cm are. The price depends on width: model width 120, 155 and 180 cm asking $200, $213 and $227, respectively.



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