Xiaomi has been in the list of most active buyers of U.S. patents

Company Xiaomi recently said that it is the first time in history will participate in the January exhibition Consumer Electric Show 2017, which will be presented a new product. Perhaps we are talking about the smartphone Xiaomi Mi6.

Fresh data provided by Richardson Oliver Law (ROL) Group LLP, indicate that the company is actively preparing to enter the American market, therefore for the last time Xiaomi has acquired a large number of patents.

In June it became known that Xiaomi bought from Microsoft about 1500 patents that cover different technologies, including wireless technologies, telecommunications, cloud services and multimedia. According to the source, in 2016, Xiaomi appeared in the list of the most active buyers of U.S. patents. Xioami appeared in the list of ROL for the first time since the founding. Place in the list of found and Huawei.

At the moment, Xiaomi has acquired in the United States, more than 7,000 patents, which clearly indicates the seriousness of the company to conquer the American market.



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