Xiaomi ahead of the rest of the Chinese company the second largest smartphone market

A year ago it became known that the second largest smartphone market now is not the US, and India. The leader continues to be China.

A few days ago we published a rating of the most successful Chinese vendors of smartphones by volume of the world’s supply, in which the company Xiaomi barely held on for fourth position. Now it became known, what manufacturers were most successful on the second largest smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2016.

I should add that the data published by Canalys, show a somewhat different picture than information Counterpoint that we laid out last week.

So, according to Canalys, in the fourth quarter of 2016 Samsung has shipped 6.2 million smartphones in India, occupying 22% of the market. Second place was taken by Xiaomi with 3 million smartphones and a market share of 11%, the company’s sales growth in the region for the year amounted to 232%. Oppo and Lenovo has shipped 2.6 million units (9%). Fifth place went to Vivo with 2.1 million smartphones and 7%.

Analysts Canalys confirm that the Indian market is flooded with Chinese manufacturers.

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