XFX has prepared a version of the AMD Radeon RX 460 with passive cooling

The reference version of AMD Radeon RX 460 involves the use of a simple cooling system with the active element is a fan, however due to the lack of need for additional power availability of graphics cards with passive cooling system was only a matter of time. In the case of XFX this time has already arrived.

Alas, the Chinese source does not lead all the details about the product, although it is clear that about any factory overclocking in this case speech does not go. As for the memory it is 4 GB.

The radiator is noticeably issued for the dimensions of the PCB, so for use in compact housings suitable device hardly. Yes, and the cooler can not be called compact: 460 XFX RX Black Wolf, it is translated from the Chinese name of the product, is in the PC case space of two slots.

According to the source, despite the passive cooler, the graphics card should not seriously warm. Expected levels of GPU temperature when idle and under load — 33 °C and 62 °C respectively.

It remains to add that the RX 460 XFX Black Wolf valued in China at the equivalent of $150.

Source: Expreview



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