XFR technology increases the CPU frequency Ryzen 7 1800X to 4.1 GHz

As you know, AMD Ryzen with the letter X at the end of the allocated technology-enabled XFR (Extended Frequency Range). It is responsible for increasing the CPU frequency above the value Boost if it allows you to make cooling system. Simply put, if the CPU temperature exceeds a certain limit which is still unknown.

The technology is quite interesting, and, despite the fact that these processors are a step above their counterparts without the support of the XFR, it is aimed at ordinary users. After all, those who can and prefer to overclock the processor yourself, take advantage of the presence of free multiplier and upping the frequency manually. But ordinary users will get a small additional increase in frequency.

And, as it became known, this increase will be really small. Following the demonstration of AMD, we now know that the processor Ryzen 7 1800X thanks to technology, the XFR is able to increase the frequency to 4.1 GHz with all cores active. Recall that the base frequency of this CPU is 3.6 GHz and increased to 4.0 GHz. That is, the XFR UPS the frequency of only 100 MHz. Of course, then you need to consider the fact that it is the high frequency representative of a new line, and the processors with lower frequencies may get some great gain at the expense of the XFR. But in General, is likely to rely on the increase of 100-200 MHz.



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