Wrap dress: the actual model 2018

Wrap dress appeared in the new world the latest fashion shows in Milan. If before this style was used exclusively for tailoring of dressing gowns, but now female wardrobe supplemented by new model of the original dress.

A bit of history

Wrap dress first appeared in the 30-ies of the last century. Famous American model Claire Mccardel appeared before the public in an unusual outfit with original odor from the bottom of the product.

The style was very similar to the usual household bathrobes, therefore the model is crafted from cotton with floral prints was met with mixed reactions.

Diane von Furstenberg came more deliberately to everyday wrap and in the 70-ies suggested a win-win for this new style, which is very much to the General public.

The new style received the name of the wrap dress. The first copies were made in black and white.

On the wave of popularity of a pants suit a lot of women needed in more feminine styles, that is why the wrap dress has become so unexpected success. For the first 5 years of the new model has sold over 5 million dresses.

Modern dresses with a smell of a different color (more bright and provocative), material (often used cotton, linen, silk, satin), decor details, the length of the skirt. Remained unchanged only the silhouette, which is distinguished by femininity and romance.

Suitable for wrap dress

Unprecedented success style due to its ability to visually transform the shape, bringing it closer to the ideal type of «hourglass». So the dress looks good on various shapes, whether or inverted triangle shape-pear.

Classic materials for sewing dresses, silk, Jersey, satin, chiffon and others. The variety of fabrics allow each girl to find the best color for the outfit. The main guideline you should follow when choosing a model is the color type of your appearance.

Wrap dress hides even the most significant shortcomings of the figure, visually slimming and emphasizing the waist.

The style is designed so that the hips and shoulders are drawn in one line, making the shape more proportional. The emphasis for the chest in the form of an attractive neckline will make the bust visually more elaborate.


Such an extravagant and unlike any other style of dress will not leave anyone indifferent. The woman in this dress looks more feminine and fit.

Choosing the perfect wrap dress, need to focus not only on the figure, and the beauty of the hands, neck and face. It is important to choose the right color, pick the right accessories and shoes, which will make the image complete.

The actual styles of dresses with the smell

Thanks to the diagonal crossing silhouette, a female figure visually transformed. The main element of style – the smell – often closes the side of the product. Clasp while hiding behind folds or drape.

Some models are made with a vertical scent ending at the center of the skirt. Buckle is fixed with a belt or brooch.

Dress with V-neck

V-neck is a business card of style of dress with a smell. It is impossible to imagine that popular model without a fine, emphasizing women’s Breasts way.

V-shaped design of the top is formed by a two-way smell on the chest. This stylistic decision visually lengthens the neck, makes it more open and thin.

Dress with surplice bodice

A surplice bodice is very popular among women in the body. In these models, the neckline barely comes to the waist and emphasizes the bust girls as not doing it any style of dress.

The lower part remains intact, the skirt can be any length or style. An important and irreplaceable part of the image – the zone that separates the chest from the skirt. It can be made in the form of leather or woven strips of fabric, a wide garter of the identical with the dress material.

Dress with wrap back

Very feminine style, which fits in perfectly with summer outfits or for special occasions. Every girl knows how attractive and sexy looks elegant neckline on the back.

In this model, the triangular bulging displaced on the back. The depth of cut chosen independently, based on the characteristics of your figure.

One of the best options for everyday casual image – bodycon sheath dress of flowing materials with a surplice back.

No less attractive looks lace MIDI dress with plunge neckline in the back.

Wrap dress with buttons

The model with the buttons closer to its «ancestors» – home robes, but modern models of dresses with the smell on the buttons are more clean lines.

Buttons as a decorative element and a lock for smell are located in the front one or two rows. What they are extravagant, the sleeker looks.

For example, for office dresses with wrap choose a model with large metal clasps, which best harmonize with the plain fabrics.

On some models there is two neck – front and back. The sleeves and length of the product also has many varieties. The choice depends on individual preference of the girl.

Beach wrap dress

Beach dress, made with a smell that is perfect for the beach or evening walks by the sea. This outfit is easy to remove the fastener quickly unbuttoned like a coat.

Beach models are often made of natural breathable materials – cotton, linen, viscose, which is essential in hot weather.

Select the length of the dress with the smell

Dress «to the floor»

A long, flowing dress looks amazing, making its possessor truly fascinating.

Such style can often be found on world fashion shows and events featuring the stars.

Dress «in a floor» can be used as attire for the evening (particularly impressive it will look in black, deep blue or other dark colors) or to an everyday look.

In the second case, choose a more immediate bright colors, polka-dot, plaid, floral or geometric prints, ruffles and Drapes.

MIDI dress

A comfortable and versatile style, which is to the liking of many fashionistas. MIDI dress with wrap appropriate everywhere be it office, shopping, meeting with friends.

Maximum dress length should reach the fullest part of the calf of the legs. Compliance with this ratio between the top neckline and skirt will help to balance your image.

Short wrap dress

Style short dresses more like tunics or covers. There are many models of this dress – sleeveless, ¾ sleeves, loose sleeves, different types of smell. Short wrap dress slim figure allows you to flaunt beautiful legs.

Elegant dress with wrap is the choice of many celebrities, for example Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, who try to keep up with the fashion trends and always look stunning.

Simple fashionable women also not difficult to join the latest stylish trends with unmatched dresses with the smell, which fully corresponds to modern standards of beauty.

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