Women’s outerwear: Spring-fall 2018

In the harsh realities of our country the main advantage of outerwear should be that its style and color can be a trend a few seasons. However, ladies every year to learn new trends and try to update your wardrobe, including coats, coats and warm jackets.

The new season for the joy of fashionistas will not surprise anyone pretentious ultra-new models. Fashion outerwear has undergone only minor changes, which will be a dent on the family budget and wardrobe beauties.

Old and new season trends 2018

Fashion mostly remain classic silhouettes. Appeared a few years ago and received last year a second wind fur collars and trim on sleeves do not leave the catwalks this season. To be in trend, enough to buy or retrieve from the depths of the coat cupboard, decorated with natural fur or color colorblock, fur coat pastel colors with no collar or scoop neckline, the coat of fur with a short NAP, short bomber jackets, oversized silhouette.

Fur coat in the new season

It was predictable that this fashion trend will long remain in the trend. Coat of classic style, as well as other options look very cosy with fur trim and furry decorative elements. The trend of the new season will certainly be a model with fur sleeves. This option will look stylish and original.

To be fashionable in every season is to choose neutral shades coat. Black, dark gray and light gray shades for these patterns contrast beautifully with colored sleeves. Fur color is better to choose a noble tone. It can be a dark olive tone, Burgundy, deep blue and other such colors. Among the extraordinary models you should pay attention to the fur, painted in technique Ombre. Such coats are for those who are closer to the bright contrasting motifs in clothing. The sleeves of such a coat a single color will flow smoothly into another. Also look brightly striped sleeves where the fur is painted contrasting lines.

Fur cuff can be very different. If the cuff is short, then it better be made of rich long fur. Will fit Fox, Fox or artificial substitute for such a mechanism. If the model is decorated with a wide cuff, the material it needs to produce the impression of plush. Fur is selected, cropped, short and soft.

That coat had more of a classic look, you should choose combination of colors. For example, the gray coat is better to decorate with brown fur or light red hues. Black fabric may be padded with fur the colour of baked milk or colored pile of dark shades.

Fur collar on top of clothing is also a trend of the new season coming from the past. Fur can be run as a turn-down collar coat and rack. Depending on the model and color coat, you can choose a fur long or short, soft or hard, bright or pastel hair. The avid fashionista can decorate a coat with lemon fur or collar color Flamingo. In Vogue pale blue, emerald green and crimson fur. All these motley play of cheer up in autumn and will add optimism in the early spring.

On trend sand colour

The coat will be more fashionable if they are made of fabric sand color. Especially popular will be the model where the top layer is made of soft beige short fur. Such clothing is not like the coat, though it has all its quality. The top layer is made of sheared rabbit mink or plucked.

Beige color is extensively represented in the collection of coats and trenches. The classic cut of such products allows you to create sophisticated images and combine them with the majority of clothes and shades. Such clothes can be safely called universal and use, taking into account this fact.

Interesting trends outerwear 2018

One of the most popular trends of the new season will be the aforementioned colorblock. The peculiarity of this trend in combination of incongruous at first glance, shades. If we are talking about outerwear, then clearly colorblock models presents a two-tone coat, where the top to the waist is made in one color and the bottom another. Also included are products with a geometrical pattern, where the figures are painted in contrasting incongruous colors. You can choose various combinations from the «dark-light» to «pastel bright». One of the previously known and common options colorblok are wide color bands that are always present in the collections of clothing in one form or another.

Also trends 2018 will include a coat of smooth genuine leather, painted in fashionable metallic colors. These products allow easy print animal theme without formation of a textured surface.

To top trends is reckon light colored coat in a pastel palette. Such products characterizes a direct cut and colored short fur. The most popular model, yellow, purple, dirty pink and pale blue. Your choice is to stop at natural furs mink, Fox, rabbit. Such coats usually done without the collar, instead of which has a graceful rounded neckline on the neck. In cold weather a fur coat this style it is better to add a scarf in a neutral hue. For winter these products are too light, but in the offseason they can become indispensable.

Jackets in cold season

In the trend of the season 2018 practical jackets dark shades. These bombers have a short length. The advantages of models with elements colorblock. Contrast details must also be designed in dark tones. Among current models, like last year, asymmetric hems on jackets. Front these products have a short length and back decorated with a long train. In a jacket is always warm and cozy. While retaining the stylish youth.

On trend denim jacket, fur lined. This outerwear will fit the owners warm and personal vehicles. To wear a jacket can be a mild winter or in the offseason. With jeans goes well sheepskin. When choosing color combinations, you should rely on advice relating to a fur trim on the coat above.

Among the main directions in the production of clothing for cold seasons 2018 is worth noting the practicality. On world catwalks were collections of clothes of which will be warm and comfortable on wet streets. The versatility of most models will allow you to pick the clothes from a wide range and form a stunning, stylish images.

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