Women’s jeans: trends and developments 2018

It is difficult to imagine the wardrobe of a modern girl without a pair of the three jeans. Over the past half century, the denim pants have become the most popular clothes for women of all ages.

Convenience, practicality, variety of styles – all essential denim. Jeans fit any body type and can be easily combined with other wardrobe items.

A hundred years before denim was used to sew coarse work clothes, and today denim pants main element of casual clothing for office work and walks with friends.

We offer you to get acquainted with the novelties of the fashionable women’s jeans, 2018, which will be relevant in the new season.

Denim pants: Stylish, novelty 2018

Fashion low waist in the past. New model denim pants more restrained and conservative. Jeans should sit at the waist or slightly higher.

In the rest of the trends of previous seasons continue to evolve. All the same, wide-leg trousers, flared jeans that were at the peak of popularity in the ‘ 90s, torn and worn fabric, a variety of decorative elements, pockets of excessive magnitude, and the cuffs will be popular in the new season of 2018.

The outsiders the new season ultrablue skins that do not meet modern concepts of beauty and naturalness.

The main emphasis, which made modern designers, it is the length of the jeans. No pants down, trailing, following denim. Short and beautiful – a verdict designers for blouses 2018.

Jeans with cuffs are mega-popular in the new season. Moreover, the presence of flaps does not depend on style. They look great on jeans, straight cut, model, fading boyfriend jeans.

With the exception of skinny jeans and bell bottom in which the flaps did not look.

— Fitting straight-leg jeans are decorated with delicate lapels, broad models look great surround wide lapels.

In the new season you can forget about the narrow and tight denim pants. Trending free the classic model with medium and high waist, which is beneficial to hide the extra inches and look a lot more interesting.

High-waisted jeans 2018: Fashion news

The high-waisted pants are suitable for almost all girls. The most elegant they look on the girls waist type «Hourglass» and «Triangle».

To make your waist look more noticeable, choose in your image volume up or focus on it using a small belt that helps to identify the proportions of the body.

When selecting high-waisted trousers stick to the advice from designers – the height of the trousers should reach the narrowest region of your waist.

The high-waisted pants are many advantages. Due to the inflated style of pants is divisible perfectly hide the flaws of the shape, making the waist narrower and hips are more feminine and expressive.

Wearing high-waisted jeans, be sure that your figure looks in proportion. The original style jeans visually create the effect of «Hourglass», which is very popular with the men.

There is a small midsection that has not yet managed to remove the winter? Then high-waisted jeans will save you. It helps to hide imperfections of the waist, and in combination with the corset perfectly accentuate the chest.

Ripped jeans: the Top model 2018

Stylish ripped jeans – perfect for the hot summer when you want to bare your legs to the sun and look fashionable.

As decorative elements used sewn fringe, appliques, sequins, prints, clubs, pieces of leather or velvet.

Model ripped jeans is so liked fashionistas that they use decorative elements in various styles of denim trousers.

Free casual youth style ripped jeans are guaranteed to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Create ripped jeans you can own. It is enough to show imagination and classic jeans will become a fashion hit of the season 2018.

Colors torn jeans will not be pleased with novelties. Still relevant blue, light blue, black.

Fashionable skinny jeans in 2018

Skinny is hardly a favorite of the season. Cause tight jeans are no longer in Vogue, but to abandon the style completely not worth it.

With the exception of skinny jeans in black color. Such a preference is quite understandable – no one model is capable of such harmony and to accentuate the girl’s figure.

Combined with a large knitted sweater, or any other volume top you will get a sleek and stylish way that best highlight your figure.

Cropped jeans: Fashion ideas 2018

Summer is the time for stylish experiments and bold decisions in the choice of clothing. The new season is replete with feminine models jeans, which emphasize the harmony of their owners.

Cropped jeans will become a fashion hit preferences in the summer season of 2018.

Cropped hem looks best in fitted styles. Moreover, the designers have waived the excess of decorative elements – metal rivets, pockets, sequins. The result was a concise and very explicit style.

Color solutions cropped pants limited only by the preferences themselves fashionistas. This may be a classic blue hues or bright summer colors – citrus, floral, fruity.

Summer jeans: Bright novelties 2018

The new fashion season offers fashionistas not only stylish styles of denim trousers, but is also a choice of various colors of denim – from traditional blue jeans to avant-garde cause, fringe, rhinestones, studs.

In trend with natural summer colors – turquoise, emerald, purple, wine.

The choice of color depends on the style of jeans. Fitted pants look better in rich blue, mustard, green. New fashion season jeans in khaki.

And of course, modern models of the jeans are not without all sorts of scuffs and holes. Jeans in bright colors with cuffs and lapels make the figure look more slender and feminine.

As the top of your image, use the oversize t-shirt, tight-fitting turtlenecks or blouses in ethno style.

Summer novelty 2018: White denim pants

The spring and summer season is the perfect time for white jeans. The combination of white denim pants with a classic striped shirt or denim jacket lovely bow for summer trips and working days.

White jeans is an indispensable thing in women’s wardrobe. They are combined, even with those things that are difficult to «make friends». For example, to create mono-bow of denim pants and a denim top is difficult, but white jeans are an exception.

They perfectly complement any image, allowing you to create a romantic bows with an airy blouse with a print and shoes with heels or sporty and casual with Polo shirts, t-shirts with animal prints and sneakers on a thin platform.

Truly feminine image is obtained composed entirely of the clothes of white color. The total white style has always been the height of elegance and tenderness.

A bold combination of white denim pants with the top of bright colors is not complete without accessories. Stylish beads, assorted bracelets, the fringe on the blouse or shirt will balance your look and make it more practical.

Trousers white denim – all-day thing, with which you can create a lot of looks.

Denim pants are one of the few wardrobe items that never go out of fashion. With each new season, the cyclical nature of fashion preferences raises on a pedestal all the new styles of denim pants, helping the girls every day to create stylish images.

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