Women’s gloves: Fall-Winter 2017-2018

In the cold season, we just can not do without fashion gloves. Well-chosen thing will become part of the image and it appeals to one’s outfit. Experimenting with this accessory, designers have proposed for a new season of a huge number of different variants, differing in how the style and material, and colors. What are the gloves to choose for the season autumn-winter of 2017-2018?

Fashion colors

No color restrictions in this season. Therefore, the choice of accessory, look at the overall image.

Out of competition gloves black and red colors. They have always been and will always be relevant.

New steel accessories of different color and texture of materials.



Length gloves

Before long the gloves are worn only with formal attire without sleeves. This combination did the image refined and elegant. Today the trend has changed dramatically. With the advent of the catwalks fur jackets and coats with short sleeves, high model gloves to the elbow or above, perfectly blended into the image and were used with the clothing.

Short gloves are perfectly combined with quilted jackets, sleeveless coat and other outerwear.

Decor gloves

This season will be the decoration of gloves, various metal fittings, perforations, or a fringe of fur.

Some designers used in their collections with mesh inserts. It is also found decorated with chains and spikes.

Fashionable materials

Favorite season was leather. Today’s popular models, the material which mimics the skin of reptiles. Additionally, the actual smooth and embossed leather.

Designers offer the girls to choose a model made of suede, latex, fur and patent leather. A lot of presents of gloves made of composite materials of different textures and shades.

Classic gloves

Classic is always current. Therefore, we can safely choose a glove in this style. The trend will be blue, red, green, and models of other bright colors. They look perfect in the business and urban looks.

Gloves leather

Leather gloves model never out of fashion. But in the new season designers have tried on glory, as presented models of this material different styles, colors, lengths and textures. Complement can bracelets.


Suede gloves

This material looks just gorgeous. It is therefore not surprising that these suede gloves are coming back into fashion. They can be both short and long and advantageously combined with the business suit and evening dress.

Often suede combine fur, leather and other contrasting materials.

Gloves knit

Knitted garments became extremely popular in the new season. Not spared this trend and gloves. Jerseys are not only perfectly warm, but also make the image softer. So they will be ideal for those who are trying to create a romantic look or wants to soften the strict business bow.


Length of knitted gloves can be any, as well as their color and texture. While it is important that they are well fit the palm, making the hand sophisticated.


Black gloves

Among the variety of designers of accessories, especially the black gloves from transparent materials. They are suitable not only for special occasions but also for everyday use. In new collections you can find models from shimmering fabric and decorated with pearls.

Fur gloves

One of the current trends of the new season became mittens of fur, which are more like gloves boxers. This accessory will not only warm you in cold days, but will catch the attention of others. So they are the ideal choice bold girls.

In addition, many designers decided to decorate a pair of gloves, leather and other materials natural or artificial fur.

Biker gloves

Hit of the winter promises to be a gloves-biker style. If you have a bold, rebellious spirit, you can choose a model with rivets, studs and other metallic decor.


Gloves of transparent materials

This accessory, such as gloves is used not only for the purpose of insulation. To complement an evening outfit suitable models of thin and transparent materials. The ideal option would be the grid, which can have different weave and all kinds of decor in the form of rhinestones and stones. Fishnet gloves are essential when creating a gentle and romantic image.

Gloves with print

A special place in the collections of fashion designers took the gloves with a print. Look spectacular patterns and designs, the shade of which contrasts strongly with the main color of accessory.




Unusual cuts

Playing the style of gloves, some designers have gone too far, creating models that differ cut, overly-bright colors or oversized items. So to decide on them, only daring fashionistas who want to attract attention at any cost.

Fashionable fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves claim to be one of the most trendy accessories of the coming winter. Due to the special design and creativity mitts immediately became popular among fashionistas. They certainly won’t warm your toes in the dead of winter, but will attract the attention of others and allow you to show off your perfect manicure.

The most popular are models of leather. However, knitted, velour and mitts, of other materials, too, should not ignore.

Choose they recommend in the same shade, and the hat, scarf, shoes or belt. Designers generously decorated them with different stones and crystals, chains, straps, embroidery, lace-up and lace panels, making them an alternative to significant bracelets.

Stylish mittens

In mittens fashion designers were able to combine comfort and originality. This accessory will not only warm your hands, but will attract the attention of others.

Gloves are an accessory that can not only warm, but also become the main part of the image. Designers have presented us with such a variety of models, among which each girl can choose what is best suited to it specifically.

And what gloves do you prefer?

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