Women’s fashionable shirts and t-shirts 2018: news and trends of the season

Stylish t-shirt is the perfect top for summer in a casual style. New collection of shirts and t-shirts Spring 2018 will delight fashionistas with a variety of models, extravagant shapes and unusual colors.

T-shirts and tank tops – versatile clothing for the spring and summer, which easily blends with other items of clothing close – fitting jeans, a wavy skirt or shorts.

Stylish t-shirts: the latest trends 2018

To select a specific trend 2018 in the designs of the shirts is very difficult. A variety of cut lets talk about two completely opposite directions.

Some designers offer a direct form-fitting silhouettes, designed to highlight the shape of girls. The length of the shirt may vary from short, the type of stamp, to elongated to the hip line.

On the other hand, the supporters of the oversize, which literally captures the stage not only in the shows of the summer clothes.

The main trends of spring-summer 2018:

– classic t-shirts with scoop or V neck mysyky is still in fashion. Not less important V-neck, and quite deep. Too open and causes the neckline to drape lacing, lace or mesh.

– sleeves t-shirts can be as short close-fitting and free-dropped, simulating the descent of the shoulder. The actual models are generally sleeveless.

Volumetric t-shirts-oversized

The oversize captivates ladies of all ages, removing all objections as to the shape and standards of tailoring.

Tops-oversized were pure home of the wardrobe, but eventually became so popular that it is impossible to imagine summer without casual oversized top.

Oversized rejects the dimensions exactly, so in order to choose the right t-shirt you must first rely on your real clothing size. Too loose the model on 3-4 sizes to your will look sloppy.

Stick to the rules – 1-2 size larger than the standard, then your image will look stylish and fashionable.

Jerseys avesis combined with a bright hem – short shorts, a little peek-a-Boo from under the long t-shirt, knit leggings in contrasting colour tones.


Knitted tops for spring-summer 2018

Knitted t-shirts again in the priorities of fashionistas. Want to see a really stylish t-shirts, then look at fashion magazines 70-ies and you will see many models of knit tops and t-shirts.

Ornate knit patterns allows you to create a delicate feminine look that looks incredibly elegant.

The texture of the knitted pattern can be thick and laboratoy or Vice versa, is free, large patterns with gaps. It will pay special attention to the bra that needs to be in tone with the shirt.

Knit top pairs perfectly with tailored trousers and a romantic skirt to the knees or to the floor.

Lace tops 2018

Front lace hard to resist, it inspires designers to use this delicate unique material even in summer clothes.

Knitted tank top, featuring lace inserts looks a lot more attractive.

In 2018, the designers suggested that shirts and tops are made entirely of lace. This top look very gently and luxuriously.

Striped shirts 2018

Striped tops and t-shirts – a favorite casual wear of young girls. They are versatile and can be combined with virtually all options of NCDs.

Shirts can be made with horizontal, vertical stripes and even zigzag.

Special requirements for the width of the bands does not exist, but remember, the thinner the strips, the easier visually looks the way.

Expressive prints on t-shirts 2018

To create the perfect summer image, it is sufficient to have in the wardrobe of 1-2 shirts bright colours with large print in the middle.

As prints depicting images of animals (especially popular owls, lynxes, cats), flowers, surreal, space, etc.

T-shirt with large print – the best top for jeans, skirts-pencil, pleated skirt to the floor.

Stylish t-shirts with inscriptions

The inscription, as a continuation of the trend with large prints, very attracted to young girls, who with the help of the words on his shirt are positioning themselves and convey to others their priorities.

Labels are usually located on the chest and made in the form of humorous messages, appeals and even civil positions.

In the new season, these t-shirts become more deliberate and conscious, which attracts young girls, wishing thus to convey their personal experiences.

The stylish branding of t-shirts 2018

Branding until recently was considered the top of bad taste, especially if the brand name mistakes were made.

But a new collection of t-shirts and t-shirts spring-summer 2018 crossed the stagnant stereotypes, making the belonging to a particular brand or designer clothing, fashion trend.

Fashionable tops with fringe

Many of the current girls you remember the craze a fringe in childhood. How many t-shirts were cut for the sake of fashion trends, when of the usual knitted t-shirt could make a fashionable and attractive thing.

Times have changed and now with the light hand of Roxana Adilbekova designer brand Thaw, fringes have acquired a new shape.

In the new summer season is simple for the 2018 youth t-shirt actively decorated with fringes of different thickness and material.

Fringe may be present as a decoration of the bottom t-shirts, sleeveless or Supplement large print.

Such free and easy style is not complete without ornaments and decorative elements. End of fringe, you can allocate large beads, fancy knots or braiding.

Brilliant summer 2018: sequins and crystals

Tank pytkami and sequins – perfect for summer evening when you want to look brilliant in direct and figurative sense.

Fashion small sequins, which are laid out in General fascinating figure.

To combine a t-shirt with sequins and rhinestones with anything – a denim jacket, a plain cardigan, straight pants, short shorts.

New 2018 – matte sequins, devoid of the calling Shine. They have more gloss and light, they look festive and at the same time moderately.

Summer is impossible without t-shirts and t-shirts in a variety of styles and colors. The versatility and simplicity of this garment is impressive not only young girls but older ladies who look great in t-shirts overseas or tops with sequins.

We hope that our review can help you find stylish and attractive designs of t-shirts for summer bows 2018.

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