Within two years smartphones with OLED screens will be larger than with LCD displays, and Apple will play in this role

The resource DigiTimes, citing analysts Display Supply Chain Consultants, reports that in 2019, the sales of smartphones equipped with OLED screens, will exceed shipments of devices with LCD displays.

The annual production capacity of OLED panels for this segment will grow from 7.5 million m2 in 2016 m2 to 40.4 million in 2021. In quantitative terms, says 389 million panels last year and 1.34 billion in 2021 (source incorrectly States 134 billion). Moreover, 99% of them will be used for the production of smartphones, and another 1% in virtual reality headsets. This year for the iPhone supposedly will account for 20-35% of all released OLED panels.

At the end of last year Samsung and LG produced 92% of all panels with organic LEDs, however, by 2021, the share of the Korean giants will be reduced to 63% due to the increase in production volumes by Chinese companies. In the list of leaders of the third place (after Samsung and LG) is BOE Technology.



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