With the explosion of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in China suffered a five year old girl

In China exploded the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It happened at night when the machine is charged from the mains. The explosion and fire injured five year old girl sleeping on the bed with a smartphone. She received burns to the face and hands. According to the mother, the child can not speak or eat.

The store where you purchased the smartphone, contacted the manufacturer. A Samsung spokesperson confirmed that the company know about the incident and will soon react to it.

Note that the exact circumstances of the incident are unknown. Perhaps, the smartphone replaced the battery (the Galaxy Note 4 was released in 2014 and the owner of the machine in question, bought it in August of last year). It is also possible the use of low-quality charger or overheating of the device due to the fact that during charging, the heat was blocked.

Source: WCCFtech.com



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