With statistics Steam something weird is going on

The service Steam has published another batch of statistics. A couple of days ago we learned that Windows 10 will soon become more popular than Windows 7. However, in Steam, looks like it will happen again soon.

Old «seven» have increased their presence by as much as 22,59 percentage points and is now installed on 63.6% of PC Steam users. Windows 10 takes the second position with a share of 28.23%, which corresponds to a reduction by 17.14 percentage points. Why it happened we can only guess.

Enough oddities in other segments. For example, the GeForce GTX 960 has somehow increased its share from 6.81% in September to 13.13% in October, which brought her in the first place. Also it looks strange drop in shares of AMD from 16.52% to 10.24%, while CPU Ryzen now clearly on the horse.

In theory, the explanation for this can serve a section showing the language statistics. According to him, the share of Chinese gamers on Steam for a month has more than doubled and reached 56,37%. Thus, either for some reason in the past month in China was the boom connect to Steam, which influenced all the statistics, or all of these indicators can be attributed to a problem in the operation of the service, or even a deliberate attempt the same statistics to distort.



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