Wireless stations charge the new iPhone is as slow as the bundled charger

As you know, the new smartphone Apple did not only support wireless charging technology, but also support fast charge. However, even in the second case, users will have to spend considerably on acquiring the proper charger and cable.

The source decided to compare the speed of charging the iPhone 8 Plus via different chargers. And their number is not limited to three. Participated in the test memory with a capacity of 29 watts memory capacity of 12 watts, the charger is 5 watt (complete), wireless memory capacity of 7.5 watts and a smartphone is charged by connecting it to the iMac using USB cables-C to Lightning and USB-A to Lightning.

The results can be evaluated on the video below.

So, to fully charge through the most powerful memory of the new iPhone required an hour and a half. During this same time, a complete charge memory apparatus is less than 60%, as well as a wireless charging station.



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