Wireless keyboard Penna stylized vintage typewriter

On the site Kickstarter is a fundraiser for the wireless keyboard Penna, stylized vintage typewriter.

The keyboard is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 and can pair simultaneously with multiple computers and mobile devices (up to five). The keyboard uses Cherry switches production. The options available with the switches Cherry MX Brown, MX Red and MX Blue. In addition, you can choose one of two options of caps.

Interesting features of the keyboard include the control body, designed as a lever of the carriage. It can be programmed by entering a specific sequence of symbols or macro execution.

In the case of Penna has a recess for a smartphone or tablet. The mobile device is fixed to it at an angle of 105°, which, according to the developers of the keyboard is optimal for the job. The keyboard works on two AA batteries.

The planned production of five color options, Penna. The minimum Deposit entitling to receive the keyboard is $99. At the time of writing news collected amount approached $288 000 at initial goal of $50,000. The fundraiser will last for 20 days, and the shipment of the keyboards, the authors of the project promised to begin in August of this year.

Source: Kickstarter


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