Wireless headset Sony Platinum Wireless Headset in many scenarios needs to connect to devices via cable

Sony has unveiled a Platinum wireless headset Wireless Headset designed primarily for owners of consoles PS4, helmets PS VR and mobile devices.

Model supports virtual eight-channel sound and the noise canceling function. In addition, the headphones support the same technology surround sound 3D Audio, and PS VR. However, games with audio in this format yet, but soon the developers will release new and update old.

Unfortunately, these wireless headphones are only when paired with the PS4, whereas for headset virtual reality and mobile devices will have to use a standard cable. Moreover, in order to obtain the same sound 3D Audio jointly with the PS4, the headphones still have to connect to the console cable.

Buy Sony Platinum Wireless Headset will be January 12th for $160.



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