Wireless charging station for Tesla electric cars proposed for $2440

In February the company’s Plugless Power has begun accepting pre-orders for the system of wireless charging for electric cars Tesla, promising to release it in the spring.

Few months about the device does not appear any information, but this week the developers admitting that they failed to meet the deadlines promised to begin deliveries this fall.

It was also announced the amount to be paid to the owners of electric Tesla for the new functionality. Charging station equipment is located on a vehicle, will cost $2440 on the pre-order stage. After the beginning of sales the price will increase to $3290. The developers provide a three year warranty on the device, adding that the installed equipment does not violate the warranty of the Tesla.

Wireless charging station can be used outdoors at a temperature of from -18° to 50°C, while the manufacturer promises a lifespan of at least eight years. Per hour of charging you get 32 miles to the range of speed.



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