Wireless charging of electric vehicles while driving may soon become a reality

The Chinese company Wireless Inc. (Asia) Limited, a mouth of the head of the research division of the promised wireless charging of electric vehicles while driving will soon become reality. This allow us to hope a successful test of the new system of charging.

Existing wireless charging systems require that the electric car was located as close as possible to the transmitting station and remained motionless while charging. The system, created by experts Wireless Inc. Asia Limited, includes a charging unit that support a stable charging while driving vehicle at low speed. You can adjust the distance between the electric vehicle and radiator.

The developers clarify that while the technology is in the experimental stage. Charging objects moving with great speed or consume more power, may cause serious difficulties. However, even before these difficulties are overcome, there are many applications that can benefit from the introduction of new technology in other areas. As an example, named as smart phones and small medical devices.

Source: Wireless Inc. (Asia) Limited


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