Windows Defender Application Guard will allow you to run the Edge browser in a virtual machine

Microsoft decided to make their browser safer Edge. The software giant recently introduced a feature called Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG).

Its essence is quite simple — the browser will run in a virtual machine, that is to be separated from the Windows kernel 10. This, according to developers, will make Edge the most protected of its kind on the market. For the implementation of the WDAG will use the new virtualization system Virtualization Based Security (VBS).

This approach has minor disadvantages. First, the virtual machine is quite active downloads components PC, i.e. reduces its performance. Secondly, running in this mode, the browser can not save history, cookies, and so on. But WDAG still only available in the Enterprise version of Windows 10 that is oriented at the corporate market. Well, we should not forget that the use of such functions requires a PC based processor that supports virtualization.



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