Windows Cloud is called a «Steam killer»

The last days in the Network there are rumors that Microsoft is preparing a simplified version of the operating system Windows 10, which will be distributed called Windows Cloud free.

It is assumed that Windows Cloud is produced to compete with Chrome OS and installation are not the most productive PC. However, some industry representatives have a different view on this.

The founder of Epic Games Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) actually believes the new operating system a «Steam killer». On his page on the social network Twitter, he wrote that the new OS should not be called Windows Cloud, Windows 10 Crush Steam Edition.

Sweeney is sure that Microsoft wants to obtain total control over the Windows platform and destroy the most popular digital distribution service Steam. He also suggested that Microsoft will systematically modify Windows so that Steam worked in this OS is getting worse and worse, forcing users to abandon Steam in favor of Windows store.



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