Windows 10 is installed on the computers of nearly half of Steam users

The company Valve has updated the statistics for the configuration of the computers of users of digital distribution service computer games Steam.

Recent data indicate that the Windows 10 operating system is already installed on the computers of nearly half (48,95%) of service users. 64-bit version of Windows 10 prefer 47,44% of the players. The share of Windows 7 has dropped to 34,66%.

57,57% of Steam users play on Nvidia graphics cards, less than a quarter (24,44%) went to AMD and 17,56% believe solutions built into Intel processors, it is sufficient for his gaming needs.

Shares of Intel and AMD respectively to 77.4% and 22.6%. Dual-core and Quad-core processors are on the same number of PC (46,48% 46,87%).

Of 32.88% of the players use 8 GB of RAM, about 20% are satisfied and 4 GB, about the same part of the audience can boast the presence of not less than 12 GB of RAM.



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