Windows 10 installed on their PCs, most Steam users. OS market share approached 25%

If you believe recent data NetMarketShare, at this moment, the share of Windows 10 on the market for operating systems at 24, 36%. The most popular OS remains Windows 7, which is 48,34%.

Interestingly, Windows 7 has strengthened its position by 1.17% over the past two months. 15-year-old Windows XP still installed on 9% of computers.

Was also updated statistics of the world’s most popular digital distribution service computer games Steam. In less than a year and a half Windows 10 managed to infiltrate into computers 50,35% of all Steam users. All other versions of Windows that are installed on computers 95.6% of Steam users, showed a decline. Second place with a score of 33,87% holds Windows 7.

As we reported, Windows 10 may receive a special game mode.



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